Sunday, 8 January 2012

Killer Elite

Jason Statham is onto something in his latest action movie. If the formula ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

When his mentor is taken captive, an ex Special Ops agent is forced back into action. His mission: kill three members of the SAS who killed members of the abductors family. Based on a true story.

Who's In It
Jason Statham - The Stath! Kicking, punching and shooting his way through another film
Clive Owen - building up an action catalogue. Looks great with a dodgy 'tasche and a false blue eye
Robert De Niro - providing the mentor angle for the Stath
Dominic Purcell! In his first major starring role I've seen him in since since Prison Break. He is brilliant with his chops and handle bar mustache

Elite hopscotch
What I Thought

I really enjoyed Killer Elite! I was a little disappointed after The Stath's last movie, Blitz, was a pile of pooh, so I went into this with some trepidation, but it was all for nothing.

The opening sequence sets the scene nicely and is reminiscent of the famous walk-and-gun scene in Heat but just with two men.

There are a few of car chases but they're all mostly short and not particularly action packed. There are however some great fight sequences between Owen and Statham throughout. In one, The Stath excels at his acrobat flips and kicks while tied to a chair. There is another great brawl between the two in a hospital which ends with a punch to the nuts!

De Niro doesn't feature much during the middle of the film but his performance is solid. The performance I most enjoyed though was by Dominic Purcell - Lincoln Burrows in Prison Break - he really shines in this movie and oozes charisma. I look forward to seeing more of him in future.

The only bit I found a bit naff was the flashbacks to girl who is waiting at home for The Stath to return. The romantic element is a bit weak in this movie but it eventually adds to the plot and she soon becomes involved in the whole mess.

Memorable Quotes
There are some brilliant lines in this. I found myself smirking often:
  • "I'm done with killing."
    "Yeah well maybe killing ain't done with you."
  • "Do you want this bottle shoved up your arse? Are you upset? Would you like a lolly? I'd love a lolly. Strawberry or fuck you?"
  • "I asked him to go hide it, he hides it. Consider yourself lucky it could have been up your asshole."
  • "Wait, wait, wait. Its coming back to me looking at your fuckin' face. His name is Captain R. Sole. A-R-S-E-H-O-L-E." 
  • "You show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man that's sick of her shit."
  • "You can call me MFWIC"
    "Muther Fucker Wot's In Charge."
  • "He's a good kid, I'm schtooping his mum."
    "Does he know can't can't bring his mum on the job?"

4/5 - Really enjoyable action movie. Killer Elite is well worth a watch


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