My rating system is pretty basic, I rate things out of 5.

I use to rate movies out of 10 but I felt like was I was giving half marks to some films, and when I looked back, I didn't feel like they deserved them. So I switched to out of 5, with that being the highest mark to achieve. I don't hand many of these out.

5 - Epic or Awesome, an absolute must see!

4 - Excellent, definitely worth checking out

3 - Good, a DVD/Blu-Ray rental or a Sunday evening no-brainer

2 - Average, only if there's nothing else to watch

1 - Poor, don't bother

I've never given a zero or no stars rating, I don't think I've even seen a film so terrible that it didn't deserve something. And now that I've said that, I remember R.O.T.O.R. which, when I was a kid, I thought deserved a zero, but it would probably be a laugh now.

Anyone else seen anything so awful, it didn't deserve anything but a zero? Add in the comments below

Side note: Inspiration for the layout of my reviews came from Bad Movies - check it out

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