I think I watch a lot of movies. New and old. Probably not as many as a movie journalist, but more than most of my friends, unless there's something I don't know.

Stats for New Movies Watched

Excludes movies I've watched before

  • 2011: 141 movies
  • 2010: 179 movies
  • 2004 - 2009: 446 movies

I used to use Twitter or mobile phone apps to rate and share movies I'd watch. I just didn't feel like I was giving credit where it was due in 140 characters or sharing a link to an site with other peoples reviews. I also wanted to share my thoughts and recommendations with friends on what I was watching, so I decided to start this blog.

It's hard work consistently pushing out content on a weekly basis. I try to do at least 3 new movie reviews/lists a week, along with some new trailers and the odd bit of news. I'm no word-smith but movies are something I'm passionate about, and I'm enjoying it!

I hope you are too

Disclaimer: The opinions of the movies I review are those of my own and are not in any way representative of the view of any business or company that I work for.

Feel free to leave a comment below, recommendations for the site or movies you think I should watch & review


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  2. Dan Zukovic's "THE LAST BIG THING", called the "best unknown American film of the 1990's in the film book "Defining Moments in Movies" (Editor: Chris Fujiwara), was recently released on DVD and Netflix by Vanguard Cinema (http://www.vanguardcinema.com/thelastbigthing/thelastbigthing.htm), and is currently debuting on Cable Video On Demand, including Fandor and snagfilms. Featuring an important early role by 2011 Best Supporting Actor Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo ("The Avengers", "Shutter Island", "The Kids Are Alright"), "THE LAST BIG THING" had a US theatrical release in 1998, and gained a cult following over several years of screenings on the Showtime Networks. 
     TRAILER: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi856622873/
    "A distinctly brilliant and original work." Kevin Thomas - Los Angeles Times
    "A satire whose sharpest moments echo the tone of a Nathaniel West novel...Nasty Fun!"
    Stephen Holden - New York Times
    "One of the cleverest recent satires on contemporary Los Angeles...a very funny sleeper!"
    Michael Wilmington - Chicago Tribune
    "One of the few truly original low budget comedies of recent years." John Hartl - Seattle Times
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