Monday, 19 December 2011

Must See Girl Movies of 2011

Ladies, looking for a film to watch with your guy? Guys, looking for a film to impress the ladies? Well look no further.

I watch a lot of movies and some of those are, for lack of better words, "chick flicks". I actually quite enjoy them to be honest, bit of romance, bit of comedy.

With further ado, these are the must see movies that I watched in the last year (not necessarily all from 2011) that I would recommend all girls/women/ladies should watch. If you've not seen any of these, then you definitely should check them out.

Note: The latest Twilight movie is not on here as I thought it was terrible. Expect to see it on another list

So, in no particular order:

The Help

Excellent, powerful thought provoking movie. Go and see it

Jane Eyre

Great period drama with Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska. Well acted and great cinematography.

One Day

Both funny and sad, brilliant chick flick. Highly likely to be in my top movies of the year list. His name is Jim Sturgess in case you were wondering.

Sex and the City 2

Kim Cattrall is great! SJP dress sense ... a shocker

Remember Me

Powerful, unexpected ending! A little more RPatz in your life if you haven't had enough already!


The Hangover for ladies. Funniest movie I've seen all year! Melissa McCarthy's character Megan is my new hero.

Love And Other Drugs

Great, poignant movie where the usual heartbreaker guy gets the tables turned on him.

Whip It

A 2009 movie but Ellen page is excellent, the music is great and it has a arty feel to it. Brilliant d├ębut direction by Drew Barrymore

Eat Pray Love

Brilliant film with Julia Roberts that's both funny and thought provoking. Must see!

Easy A

Excellent, a modern day John Hughes movie (hint: think Breakfast Club in 2010)

And that's it! Agree or disagree? Anything you would recommend? Drop me a comment below

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