Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Dilemma

With a cast like this, you be forgiven for thinking this bromance comedy might be good. Thankfully Queen Latifah saves the day.

A man discovers that his best friend's wife is having an affair.

Who's In It
Vince Vaughn - funny guy, buuuut starting to be not so funny any more?
Kevin James (twat)
Winona Ryder - kleptomaniac
Jennifer Connelly - My childhood heartthrob, The Hot Spot brings back some memories ;)
Channing Tatum! Covered in tattoos
Queen Latifah! The funniest person in the movie, see some of her quotes below

What I Thought
Not my choice to watch this as I'm not a fan of Kevin James (twat) which is why I've never seen, or probably will see, Paul Blart: Mall Cop or The Zookeeper (In fact I'm not even going to bother to link to them).

I'm not going to spend too long on this as I didn't enjoy it much. Funny man Vaughn is his amusing self, the wedding speech about "honesty" is especially amusing and embarrassing. Channing Tatum shines as Ryder's love interest, his fearful outbursts at Vaughn, who is trying to gather evidence, are funny.

It's Queen Latifah's character Susan Warner who ultimately steals the show. She works for the automotive dealer - awesome cars - who Vaughn and James are trying to sell their electric motor to. She's like a guy in a woman's body, with some genuinly laugh out loud lines, see below.

Memorable Susan Warner (Queen Latifah) Quotes

  • "You guys are giving me some serious lady-wood" and she slaps her thigh with the side of her hand indicating her "length" - classic!
  • "I feel like I'm your Deep Throat. Have you seen that movie?"
    "All the President's Men?"
    "No, Deep Throat."
  • "That motor and that car... when it started vibrating ... if I was sitting on the hood of that car, and the way it was shaking... vroom, vroom!" I'll let you work out what she's referring too ;)

1/5 - Lazy Sunday movie

Good music (second song is Misery by Maroon 5) but if you watch this, you've seen the movie


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