Thursday, 15 December 2011

Final Destination 5

You should know the story by now. Premonition. A kid saves his friends from death. Death still wants their souls and starts picking them off one by one. But what does this one do that's new?

Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there's no way you can cheat Death.

Who's In It
Nicholas D'Agosto - (who?) the premonition kid
A bunch of other no name kids, not worth mentioning
Tony Todd! The Candyman!

What I Thought
So what does this one do that's new? Well if the formula ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Rather than do a review I thought I'd focus on the death scenes - most of which I thought were weak - and play on any irrational fears you may have.

Don't watch this movie if you:

  • Planning any trips over bridges
  • Are a gymnast
  • Work with steaming containers of tar
  • Are planning to have Chinese acupuncture 
  • Are planning on having corrective laser eye surgery
  • Work in a factory with large industrial crane hooks 
  • Work with large hand tools like spanners

I did think the ending has a nice twist with a clever nod to a previous movie in the series.

And also, be sure to keep watching after the movie has finished as you'll be treated to a montage on deaths from the previous four movies, one bloody scene after the other.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Do you come with sub titles?"
  • "2 billion people can't be Wong. I said Wong. Do you follow me."
  • "How's your French?"

2/5 - For fans of the series

You can see preludes to some of the deaths I mention above

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