Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance - Movie Review

The first superhero movie of the year, and unfortunately there's not much super about it.


As Johnny Blaze hides out in Eastern Europe, he is called upon to stop the devil, who is trying to take human form. Based on the Marvel character, Ghost Rider.

Who's In It

Nicolas Cage - has finally descended into madness. I'm losing respect for him
Idris Elba - This Hackney boy sporting the most awful French accent I've heard in years
Ciaran Hinds - playing the role of Roarke. The Devil has many names, didn't you know?
Anthony Head! Still dabbling in the realms of fantasy, just not vampires. A short cameo role
Christopher Lambert! There can be only one. The Highlander is not in it for long before he meets his doom

What I Thought

I was quite looking forward to Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. It's written and directed by Neveldine & Taylor who wrote and directed the Crank movies. I do like a good cheesy Nic Cage movie. It's also the sequel to the original Ghost Rider which wasn't great by any means but was watchable. Word on the street was this was better than that. Watching the trailer I thought this looks awesome. And that was where I made my mistake...

The spicy fajita didn't agree with him
Let's start off with the good though. The special effects are great. While Cage's burning skull is not believable in the real world, it sure looks good on screen. As does spewing fire from his mouth and the flailing chains dispatching enemies all around. The bike also looks amazing as it blazes around encased in flames, leaving a trail of fire behind it. Any vehicle Cage's character touches turns into a flaming mode of transport. Of note is a huge earth moving vehicle in one scene which is engorged in flame and dispatches multiple bad guys.

Some of the camera work must also be commended. There is one scene near the beginning of the film where Idris Elba's character plummets off the side of the road but turns back to fire upon the car that was chasing him, loved the angle and slow-mo work. Some of the close-up camera work filmed behind the bikes were filmed by the camera men on roller blades, which must also have been scary, and it pays off.

The Decay character played by Johnny Whitworth is cool too. But enough of the good stuff though, you may think I'm beginning to like this film.

The forehead carpet burn really hurt
The script is the tragic part of this film that really let's it down. It's disjointed and lacklustre and there were times when I was asking myself what the fuck is going on?! Most of these scenes involved Cage laughing manically at the camera like a mad man, his acting is truly starting to border on insanity! Johnny Blaze even loses his powers at one point - hello, this is Ghost Rider not Normal Human On a Bike.

Not all the special effects are great, there are some seriously dodgy lens flares used multiple times. The 3D is also nothing to write home about, you kind of forget about it after a few minutes. Apparently it was done post-production - never a good sign.

The final showdown with the devil is weak and disappointing and ultimately a let down.

Memorable Quotes

  • "I have some personal issues I kinda like to get fixed."
  • "This thing... There's no conscience, just hunger. The Rider's gonna come out. And when he does, he'll destroy whoever's got it coming."
  • "Well that being the case, we'd better be sure he doesn't turn out to be the antichrist."
  • "I’ll eat your stinking soul!"

  • Rating

    Don't waste your time with Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance, I want at least an hour of 95 minutes of my life back


    Watch this and you don't need to see the film - all the best bits are in here. The less said about the pissing fire, the better

    Recommended Viewing

    If you're looking for a good action movie, rather watch this instead


    1. I enjoyed the first Ghost Rider but I thought this one was terrible. I personally didn't even like most of the tricky camerawork, I thought it was all style and no substance, which pretty much sums up my opinion of the entire movie.

      Also, welcome to the LAMB!

      1. Hey, thanks for the comment. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it, I was very disappointed.

        Thanks, looking forward to being a LAMB :)


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