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The Woman In Black (2012) - Movie Review

Daniel Radcliffe proves he's a bankable lead after the Harry Potter franchise. 

A young lawyer travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals.

Who's In It
Daniel Radcliffe - in his first proper starring role since Harry Potheadter
Ciarán Hinds - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
That's about everyone worth mentioning

What I Thought
The Woman In Black was first a novel and then adapted into a successful stage play. This film follows a similar plot with a few changes here and there, by screenplay writer Jane Goldman (Jonathan Ross' wife).

I was kind of expecting to sit there thinking this is just Harry Potter in a scary movie, but gone are the trademark glasses and once the film got going, the thought didn't enter my head again. He looks and plays the part well.

Radcliffe stars as a lawyer who goes to a small village to attend to the affairs of a lady who has just passed away. The townsfolk are not very helpful and it soon becomes apparent that not all is as it would seem. Every time a woman in black is seen, a young child in the village dies in some tragic way.

Wands are so passé
He however eventually makes his way to the mansion to attend to deceased owners papers. The exploration sequences in the house don't feature much talking, so you will literally find yourself watching him as he walks around trying to figure out what's making the strange noises.

There are some genuinely scary moments in the film which will have you jumping in your seat, as Radcliffe explores the mansion to finalize the paperwork.It bothered me that Radcliffe's character didn't seem to notice how scary the moments were. He literally does not make a peep when the scares occur. If it were me, I would have poo'ed my pants and screamed like the teenage girls in the audience behind me!

The setting of the haunted house out in the marshlands is scenic and befitting and adds to the tension. The audio is also to be commended, providing some of the jumps and adding to the creepy atmosphere.

The ending, so I'm told, is different from the stage play, which I believe has a happier ending. I won't give this one away but there's a twist and I think this one works well.

Memorable Quotes
  • "If we open the door to superstition, where does it lead?"
  • "I believe even the most rational mind can play tricks in the dark."
  • "I will never forgive...I will never forgive..."

3/5 - A decent horror that will have you jumping in your seat

See a few of the scares from the film

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